All the medical jargin confusing you? The project glossary is here to help. Adding new terms frequently...


  • Ambulant - The ability to walk or otherwise physically move around a space under your own steam
  • Aspirate/Aspiration - When food is swallowed into the lungs caused by weak throat muscles. This can lead to chest infections and pneumonas
  • Arthrogryposis - A Congenital condition in which the joints of the arms and/ legs are fixed in a contracted position


  • Biopsy - Where a small sample of muscle, skin or tumour is taken to be examined under a microscope
  • Brace/Bracing - A device made of plastic/metal/mesh or combined materials fitted around a weak part of the body in hopes to strengthen or support that body part


  • Candidate - Someone who has/ someone others have presented as suitable for a job, specific school/college OR in the medical world, somebody suitable for a transplant or Clinic Trials
  • Cardio Myopathy - A group of heart conditions that cause heart muscle weakness
  • Clinical Trials - A series of critically controlled treatment plans in the testing stage. Overseen strictly by researches and scientists. 
  • Congenital - A disease or condition in that symptoms are shown from birth onwards
  • Contractures - When a joint cannot straighten properly due to tight tendons/ligaments
  • Continent - A person who is able to control his/her own bladder and/ bowel


  • Dexterity - Ones ability or function in their hands
  • Digits - Can mean either numbers or fingers depending on the context it is used


  • Echo/Echocardiogram - An ultrasound scan of the heart



  • Gastrostomy tube/G-tube - A feeding tube that's been surgically inserted into the stomach for children that struggle/cannot feed orally


  • Hydrotherapy - excerises done is a specially heated hydrotherapy pool
  • Hippo Therapy - horse riding helps balance and co ordination in many medical conditions